Question: Distributing Clothes from a clothing closet

Our PTO just collected uniforms the last week of school and it was a HUGE success. We are now thinking of an organized way to disperse to our fellow families who are in need before the summer starts. Any suggestions? Do people prefer a discreet way to avoid singling out the less fortunate?? Or is a more public give away acceptable??

Asked by jenniferwalker199



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Great to year about your success! It's a real boost to your community. And you know your families best, but I would suggest just keeping the dispersion low key--not under wraps but not in the spotlight, either. You don't have to keep it hidden away in a back room-- there's no shame here -- but a big display could make some people feel uncomfortable.

Community Advice

Kirstin70 writes:
I agree with Rose C, low key is always a good thing...However, my school has a uniform room. The used uniforms are dropped off during the entire year. We wash them and then organize every thing. (by sizes, school vs gym ect) Then whenever kids need the next size, parents can buy clothes for $2 - $5 dollars. Also, for the occational spill or tear we have exrtras there.

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