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Our PTO is planning to purchase a new Outdoor LED sign to replace the current one at our school. This sign will cost about $6000. The school district requires a gift letter if the donation is over $2,500 and the School Board must accept the donation at a public board meeting. The letter should include the following: wording that states the PTO is offering the donation, the amount and the purpose. I have been searching for some sample letters to fit this purpose but haven't been successful. Can anyone provide a sample that could be used for this purpose? Thanks

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Craig writes:
I'm not sure that we have that exact letter, but I would keep it short and sweet. ie We are writing to let you know that XYZ School PTO would like to donate an LED sign similar to (give specific model name of what you plan to purchase, but be sure to include the "similar to" language in case things change before you make the purchase). The sign is to be used to replace the current sign in front of XYZ school....You might also check with the district to see if they have certain language they require regarding it being clear of any financial obligation to the district. Overall, you probably don't need more than three sentences in this letter.

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dstryker writes:
Thanks, this is what we ended up going with: This is to certify that XYZ Parent Teacher Organization, Inc. has agreed to give a ABC Outdoor LED sign valued at $6,150 to XXX Township School District with the understanding the sign is to be installed at XYZ Elementary School, 123 Main St. City ST 12345. This sign is given freely as a donation, and no repayment is to be made, nor does any agreement or understanding exist whereby repayment is expected.

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Perfect. Thanks for sharing!

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