Question: Internal Audit - Not Just Financials What Would You Do?

PTA President has reached out to several Dept. of Ed. officials to accuse the Treasurer of gross financial misconduct. President has told stories school wide about her "troubles with the treasurer". The treasurer is ostracized and looked at as the "bad guy" President has done everything short of filing a grievance and the very agencies who she has reached out to are tired of her. While being on the Audit Committee; myself, and the others have found that it’s actually the President who is in violation of several bylaws and Chancellor's Regulations. Forget about financial mismanagement for a second, purchasing alcohol with a PTA shopping card, withholding the ledger from the Treasurer for months, making monetary decisions by alone or with VP in tow, instead of voting via the executive board or presentations to the general membership. She gave a parent $500 donation by herself this year from PTA money. My question is, 1) how to note these things in the recommendation section of the Audit Report 2) Should we ask her to step down? There are only eight more weeks of school but for the past eight months she has been running the PTA into the ground.

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cajunmsgirl writes:
I would get any and all evidence you have and have a PTO meeting brought to order to address these problems. Then I would hold an election for next years PTO officers. The parents of the students are the ones who vote to keep or get rid of officers. Hope this helps. Kristy

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