Question: Can President attend Nominating Committee meeting

Can a President attend the Nominating Committee meeting? According to the By Law's..the President is to be an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President wants to attend our meeting but she understands she cannot vote. Would this be against the By Law's?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Did the president indicate why she wants to attend the meeting? Maybe find out the reason and see if it makes sense. You want to avoid a situation where the president's presence at the meeting impacts the committee members. She may have a good reason that, once explained to you, helps you feel comfortable about having her there. If not, you want to make sure the nominating committee feels comfortable doing its job and you may need to tell her it is best she not attend.

Community Advice

kat.taylor writes:
I am the President of our PTA and I did attend the first meeting of the nominating committee. Nobody on the committee had ever been through the process, so I gave them a set of bylaws and guidelines for nominating people. After that I left them alone to do their work, making sure I was available to answer any questions. The nominating process can be intimidating for newbies. I also made sure that the chair understood why I was there and that they were to nominate whoever they felt was best for the job, even if that wasn't me.

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