Question: Elections and appointing new officers

Our PTO has been inactive for a couple of years. We now have a new Principal and he says we can have one and I am doing all the leg work to revive it. I know nothing about it so I am having a hard time. But since I am doing all the work and no one else is showing interest can the old President informally appoint me as the President and a few other ladies that have been helping me as the rest of the officers? Instead of holding nominations and elections? Also, I have not even seen the old bylaws. Thank you.

Asked by Bonnieziegelt



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
If you are starting up now, you can send out a schoolwide email letting folks know you are going to hold an informational meeting and a followup meeting (that would take you to May) to elect new officers. It probably wouldn't make sense to go through a whole nomination process. It sounds like interest is low now, but that's OK! Keep moving forward. As far as the old bylaws, have you asked the old president? Is there a way to track down a former secretary? That's probably the person who may have a copy of the bylaws.


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