Question: Are Chairpersons part of the Board?

In our young PTO, we have no "executive board" positions written into our bylaws. However, the Pres, Vice Pres, Secretary, and Treasurer meet separately, essentially like an Exec Board would do, from the other "board members" to discuss hot-button topics and try to stream line decision making for easier voting processes. Do we need to vote into our bylaws that we have an "Executive Board" and what the purpose of it will be? Or, is it ok to keep communicating between the 4 officers and then relay streamlined data to the other chairpersons at our general PTO meetings, WITHOUT voting into our bylaws that we will conduct business this way?

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Rose H writes:
Hi urmipt,

So, a few different things here. Typically, bylaws will include a summary of the officer positions -- as you mention, president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary -- and how elections take place. (It may say something about term limits, for instance.) Your bylaws should also identify the executive board. The executive board will include the officers and can include a few other folks, like the principal and perhaps a teacher rep. Typically, the executive board does not include committee chairs.

If this isn't in your bylaws, don't panic. It can be added when your group has the time to do so. We'd suggest you do add it though because it will help everyone understand how things work.

In the meantime, it is proper for the officers to act as an executive board and make decisions, or streamline data to use your phrase!, that are then told to chairs and the group in general.

Best of luck!

Rose H.

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