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I have just joined our schools PTO this year, however they have never elected office officially. Can someone tell me how the Treasurer gets to just buy and spend and not produce any financial reports or receipts? I am having a problem with how things are being ran and what help to change this process within the group. I think she scars people off and is not really a positive person. Just one more thing she using her title of board of education member at every meeting when I have tried to have a vote. I have asked if we have by-laws or a constitution and no one can tell me yes or no. What do you think should happen in this situation?

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Mich3ll5 writes:
This Problem is definitely a big one. Our School board has instituted a new policy. Our Treasurer has to be a trustworthy parent, it can not be a school board employee. If a school board employee is caught collecting money during school hours it could mean their job. Check with the School board to see what their rules are concerning this matter. Each year you need to have a formal meeting inviting all parents to vote in new officers.

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