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I need some advice. Our current PTO Board is threatening dissolution, even though our principal and other parents are showing interest in taking over and continuing for the students. We are not sure what we should do. This board is upset because they feel that only they worked to raise funds and others did not volunteer or help. They now feel that they can do what ever they want with the PTO account. There is a balance in the account that they are threatening to give to other school funds, such as sports. I know from our By Laws that they cannot do this. Funds have to be spent on PTO fees and costs and/or voted on and spent on all students, not just the sports teams. Do we as paid members of PTO have any recourse or any way to stop this? Does the Principal have any recourse or way to stop this. We as parents just don't want to be counter productive and have to start a new PTO from scratch... Further more, can that even be done if this board holds a Federal Tax ID etc. for this school's PTO? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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DeeD writes:
OOPS! I'm the one who originally posted the above... I forgot one more question. If this PTO Board did not even have elections at the end of last school year (as they were supposed to) for this new currrent 2013/2014 school year... Is their even an active PTO Board? What can we do to correct this and become a functioning PTO again? Thanks Again for any help/advice.

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Craig writes:
Have you talked to the principal about this? If there is a group of parents willing to take over running the PTO, I would think he would support that. It sounds like the old board is burned out and has given up, so this is a good time to transition to a group that will focus on building parent involvement.

As you mention, you do need to hold elections. That's a good first transitional step. Regarding the money, it would certainly be a breach of faith with the school if the old board spent all the money purposely before the new board took office. On the other hand, there's a lot that you can accomplish without a lot of money. And if you do focus first on getting parents more connected to the school and the PTO, fundraising success will follow from that.

Good luck, and please let us know how things go!

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