Question: Discount Card Fundraisers - anyone used these?

Has anyone used these latest fundraising cards? We are looking at alternatives to traditional book fundraising sales. From what I understand, you can get local merchants to agree to a deal and sell the cards or you can do a pizza card with a national chain, etc. Any feedback on the results? Any recommendations on a reputable company to use?

Asked by kmccleese



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Rockne writes:
Hi km - Discount cards have been around for decades, and I've definitely seen them used successfully. Not sure what you mean by "latest fundraising cards" --is there anew twist? There are actually quite afew options on how to execute, from working with a big national group, a local specialist or even doing your own (getting the deals, printing the cards by yourself). Link to our discount card yellow pages = Tim

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JMG writes:

Discount Card Fundraisers are a great way to fundraise. I have used them in the past for football teams and schools. Profits are arount 75-80% and the company does most of the work for you.
We used and had a great experience...

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