Question: Has anyone held an exercise fundraiser?

I am training to be an instructor for Hot Hula Fitness. I would like to do a fundraiser at my childrens school once I get certified and insured in the next few months. It has already been discussed with the principle and the parents group. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this type of fundraiser and what it involved.

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skmart72 writes:
Hi. Our PTA recently sponsored a Zumba Workout fundraiser and I think we had a good turnout for our first time. The instructor is certified and also a parent. She did not charge us for her services. We checked with our insurance rep to make sure we were covered. Everyone including the instructor had to complete a family waiver (one waiver for minors & adults). Charged a $5 drop-in rate for ages 5 & up. Did it on a Friday for 1 hour. We had fun. Hoping to do it atleast once a month.

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