Question: What can raised money be spent on?

I am wondering what the money that was raised can be spent on? Can it be used to pay for a year end party? or should it actually go to something useful? Are there rules and guidelines that MUST be adhere'd to? We are in Michigan. There is talk that this very scenario may happen, since our school will be closing at yearend and the ones in charge do not want this money to be re-distributed amongst the other schools where the current children will be rezoned to. I do not feel that it is wise or fair that this money that was raised to go towards things that the children need, be used on a yearend party. Thanks for any input!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You could check your group's bylaws to start. Some groups do indicate in the bylaws that expenditures over a certain amount (I worked with a PTO where it was anything over $250) would require a vote from the members. Smaller purchases/expenditures required approval of the board. Our editor said a good tactic is to apply the "Oh,really?" measure to an expenditure, meaning, if many of the members would say, "Oh, really?" when they found out where the money is going, then it is probably a good idea to have a vote. In this case, it seems all the more important to get feedback from the members because the group will be wrapping up and it would be nice to get input from everyone on how to best use that money.

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