Question: Is there anything I can do?

I am the VP of our PTO. The President is a renigade ruler. She is doing whatever she desires regarless of what the Organization or the bylaws state. I there anything I can do to stop the maddness and still have a friend?

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Rose H writes:
I hope it helps to know this is not an uncommon question.

So, let's start with your relationship. You mention friendship, which can complicate these situations. But, have you tried having a basic sit down with her? Not confrontational, but asking her to help you understand certain decisions, how she wants to work, etc. If you are lucky, you may discover that she is overwhelmed and is willing to talk things through. Or, she may dig in. If that's the case, tell her you think the board needs to sit down as a group and review how decisions are made and who is doing what. Assuming some of the other board members share your feelings, she may find it difficult to refuse your request.

You mention some actions have been taken in violation of bylaws. This will actually help you work through these problems. It is your way to make the issue an organizational/business issue and not a personal issue.

That said, if there are serious violations, your board needs to address them and may need to retake actions, like any voting, that were done improperly.

Good luck and hang in there!

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