Question: Meeting Notification

What is a "reasonable" number of days notice for a special meeting?

Asked by billschroyer



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
As a rule, I'd say a week is a reasonable amount of time. But it's really a common sense issue. If you're going to be discussing something controversial that many people will want to have their say on, you should give plenty of notice so all concerned parties can attend. On the other hand, if you need a quick vote on something that's not controversial, you could probably call a quick meeting with one agenda item in a fairly short time. Just make sure that the notice is prominently posted in the school and well distributed among your members/parents.

Community Advice

Porton writes:
For non-controversial issues that require a quick vote or approval, a less rigorous approach to planning and notification may be required. In such cases, organizing an emergency meeting with a single agenda item may be well worth it, provided that the notice is clearly and prominently posted in the school and effectively disseminated to community members and parents.

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