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When schools in my district submit Lowe's small toolbox grants, we often fail to receive the non-funded emails, as they apparently are going to our spam mailboxes. I assume they're sent out in bulk, and our filters don't let them through. Can I get the email address that PTO today uses when making grant notifications so that we can ask technology to have this email address bypass spam? The Lowes corporate office told me I would have to contact PTO today directly for this information. I am our school district grant writer. My contact info is: Dr. Lori Brown ( - Buncombe Co. Schools (NC)

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The address is One workaround is to add to your contacts/accepted email address list to be sure you receive these emails and they do not get caught in your spam filter. Hope this helps!

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loribrown writes:
Thanks, Rose! Very helpful!!

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