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Our school is a small parochial community, less than 10 students. Our campus is on the property of the Mosque, and there is a small store in the Mosque. The store owner has a no competition clause in her contract and says that no one else can sell on the property, even though the school sells things she doesn't carry, and we have a prior contract that allows us to do fundraising on the property. Rather than allowing this to get into a nasty battle between the school and the store we decided to try to come up with ways we could fundraise without selling merchandise, but we haven't come up with any ideas. Does anyone know some good fundraisers that we can do?

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gjcoram writes:
Our school does a "direct donation" campaign -- people didn't like paying for very expensive wrapping paper and just wanted to write a check.
Other schools have done spelling bees or quiz show/trivial contests, or a teacher vs student basketball game. Charge for admission and/or participation.

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Ninja4Good writes:
I love the idea of having a contest and making fundraising fun! We did a fundraiser called "The Penny Game". The school went crazy for this annual fundraiser! It was both fun and competitive. Read about how to run it by following this link:


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Naten writes:
contest and making

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