Question: do anything about hypocrite and adult bully?

Hello. If you have a PTO person who is personally loudly promoting bringing an anti-bullying program to the school and she herself is one of the biggest recognized vicious bullies to others in the small town community. Should you say or do anything about that? I tried contacting the program and they don't care how they get into a school with their message, they just want to come in with their program and otherwise stay uninvolved. Frankly, that shocked me. Do as I say not as I do? Hands off actually DOING anything about a known bully? I'm starting to fear that bullying-business is all about limiting liability and not actually much genuine concern for the victims or really getting rid of bullies. My concern is that it will be viewed by many parents as fake and hypocritical and no one will actually believe we intend to take any stance as a PTO group of people on bullying. I am not talking personal slights. I am talking vicious personal attacks this woman has pretty much instigated since her childhood. She's always showcasing her involvements and it will be well known if she implements this program. Probably will be a waste of our efforts as a PTO.

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Rose H writes:
It does sound like a bit of a contradiction, doesn't it? But is the anti-bullying program targeted at the kids? If it is a good program and does help the kids, then it might be worth putting aside your feelings about this PTO person and focusing on the good this event may bring to the community. If, on the other hand, you have a PTO leader who is unkind and bullying others, well, then, that's its own issue and should be addressed separately. You might want to give this article on dealing with difficult people a look. There are lots of tips on how to handle these tough situations.

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