Question: new pto president and dont know where to start

We have poor parent involvement last year was the same thing I was vp last year and and this year the pto president resigned and the put me as president but I really dont know what I am doing how can I get parents to get involved . I dont know where to get money because last year the principal told us there was no money for the pto and we had to start from some where also we told the principal that we needed money to get a tax I'd and to open a bank account but he said no there's no money thats why we didn't sell anything last year. That's one of the reasons the president resigned because we did not have any money no support by the principal . This year we have a new principal so I have to start from scratch with bylaws I dont know where to start with that how long it has to be what to write so I need major help . How can I start that and how to get money o yea I forgot on our " group" its only the vp and my self as president I dont have a treasure and a secretary they also have dropped out so yes I need help asap !

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Rose H writes:
He deleon4!

Many new PTO presidents feel just what you are feeling right now. It can seem overwhelming when you look at everything you want to do/need to do. Our advice is to start slow and don't feel like you have to do everything. Are there other board members at the moment or just you? If you do have board members, it is time to get together and talk about what you want to do for the coming school year.

How about this as a start of a plan:

1. Can you send out an email to some parent you know (or, did the previous PTO folks have an list of emails for parents?) and set up an informal get together before the start of school? Ask these parents to get together with you just to brainstorm ideas on some fun events your group can do this school year. This doesn't have to be a huge group.

2. If you have no funds, set up a welcome back picnic for the first week of school. Send out a flyer to all parents and ask them to come at the end of a school day for an casual picnic. Have them bring their own snacks. It's a great way for families to meet. And it will help you build a sense of community at your school. (Make sure the principal approves!)

3. Put together a meeting schedule for next year. Aim to hold a monthly meeting.

4. Put together a welcome back letter for parents and include your meeting schedule.

5. The rest is going to start coming together. Aim to hold one fundraiser this fall to help fund a few key projects in the spring.

6. Please check out the resources on our site. You can search by keyword (type in "fundraising'' in our search box and our fundraising articles will pop up. These includes how to select a fundraiser, how to work with fundraising companies, and many more fundraising-related articles.

We also have many articles on how to find volunteers. Again, just plug in "volunteers" in the search box and you'll get plenty of info.

Please stay in touch and let us know if you have specific questions as you move forward. You can do this!

All the best,
Rose C.

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