Question: Activities for adults at school carnival

Does anyone include activities for adults at their school carnivals? If so, any ideas that work?

Asked by jsbofaz



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Parttimeparli writes:
We had a speedball "booth"-it was outdoors. Our local police officer used a speed gun to clock the speed of baseballs thrown by dads (and anyone else). The top "speeder" for each half hour won a prize.

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firefighter464 writes:
Of course, it is wise to include adults and seniors in your action. Makes good marketing sense. Not PTO carnival, but our hometown church festival always had a Chinese auction and Bingo and our local county fair had various political or celebrity you-like-to-hate faces taped on papercups for the cork gun shooting gallery. You chose a cup and a dozen were set up on the shelves for whomever you wanted to shoot at. You could--only with their happy agreement--include principals and teachers for the kids?...I dunno, maybe this is politically incorrect nowadays? Or there are no more cork gun galleries? Substitute tennis ball throw?

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chidek writes:
We have a silent auction and raffle at our carnival with items that are good for kids & adults. Shopping is a game for some, after all. :)

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