Question: Sunshine Math Club

I can see where our past PTO sponsored "Sunshine Math Club" but when I google sunshine math club it only comes up with schools that have "Sunshine Math". does anyone know how you can get started with this program?

Asked by lapilgrim



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I can't speak specifically for Sunshine Math, but a math club can be a fun and popular activity. A typical format is to teach kids a math concept, then have them use it in a fun way. For example you might have them make mobiles with specific geometric shapes. Lots of board games have math concepts, and dice, tangrams (flat geometric shapes that you form into different designs), and even playing cards can be helpful. Start by enlisting the support of a math teacher to help you focus your efforts and create activities that work for your age group. He can help you create a list of activities that will help kids develop better math problem-solving skills. You can find lots of math games online, and the Family Math book series has math-oriented games that might help you get started.

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