Question: nominations, elections, and mid-term resignation

#1 Who nominates and elects the exective board? (President, VP...) Our current PTO executive board nomiates and votes on the President themselves. Is that correct?? #2 Our President resigned during the middle of the year and the VP took over without an election and our by-laws state the position is for a two year term however because she was not elected they need to hold another election for President this year correct.

Asked by KCD



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi KDC, It is common for a parent group to set up a nominating committee who identifies the "candidates'' for the different board positions and then everyone (not just the board) votes on those candidates. Many groups, however, proceed without an official nominating committee, but still go through the process of announcing the candidates and having members vote. In your group's particular case, it seems reasonable that there would be another election for President as the VP was filling in for the remainder of the year. We have an article on the most frequently asked questions on PTO elections that should have some more helpful information for you. Good luck!

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