Question: PTO officers or just executive board

Can a PTO be run by an executive board or committee with all tasks shared and decisions made by majority vote? Does there have to be specific chair positions - president, vice president, etc. We are PTA looking to switch to a more relaxed PTO focused on volunteer work rather than fundraising. Just trying to find out more on management options.

Asked by prker13



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
When establishing a PTO, there is room for lots of flexibility, but you do need a treasurer and, if you do go with an executive board without specific officers, you might consider a few things: Designate a person (or come up with some sort of schedule) to chair meetings and set an agenda. Also, think about having an odd number on your executive board. This will make a difference when things come up for a vote because it will avoid tie votes. In general, PTO groups create their own bylaws that spell out how the executive board will be structured and you can create it with the flexibility you need as long as it also covers those organizational issues. Also, as a group goes forward, it can amend its bylaws (by addressing changes with the group and voting on them) so you will not be locked in once you create your group's "blueprint.''

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