Question: PTO Board End of Year Dinner

Can PTO funds pay for the End of the Year Dinner for just the PTO Board of the school?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Some boards may do that. But other boards feel that it's best to spend their own money for an end-of-year dinner to avoid any appearance of impropriety. Technically, PTOs should be spending money on programs/events that directly benefit the students and the school community. So, some folks could argue that an end-of-the year dinner isn't directly contributing to either one.

Community Advice

C S writes:
Up until now, our board has remained very conservative about spending money on anything that doesn't benefit all of the children and staff. I would definitely advise against a pto paid dinner, as your parents genuinely donated money to spend on programs for their children, not you the volunteers. Besides, you didn't volunteer to be rewarded with a dinner or some other material accolades did you? You did it because you wanted to help the kids--so continue doing that by spending the money so generously entrusted to you to spend on the kids. How about a potluck instead? The last thing any pto wants is to be investigated or sued for impropriety.

Community Advice

hufflora writes:
A dinner just for board members would be inappropriate. We do hold a Volunteer Breakfast for all our wonderful school, classroom and PTO vounteers. Its a combination pot luck/funded event. Teachers and staff each sign up to bring items. If we have a lot of volunteers that year, the PTO will contribute for additional items if neccessary.

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