Question: Summer gap budget

I am looking for an example of a summer gap budget. Ideally, one that we vote on at our last general assembly meeting that will carry us over the summer so that we can do work in the summer as well as at the beginning of the year. We always struggle with waiting until we have a general assembly meeting after the start of the new school year and having our hands tied to spend any money because we are cannot operate without an approved budget. It won't include fundraisers, just a carryover of funds.

Asked by jules_tri_NC



Advice from PTO Today

lharac writes:
Hi, jules_tri_NC -- Why do you need a separate budget just for the summer? Your budget should cover (and be approved for) your entire fiscal year -- that's a 12-month period that serves as your financial accounting year, and for PTOs it's usually based around the school year rather than the calendar year. Check your bylaws to find out what your fiscal year start date is, and for future budget include a line item for "carryover of funds" so you can do that work over the summer and in the first few weeks of school. Carrying over some amount of funds for that exact purpose is something we at PTO Today highly recommend; thumbs up to you for making it a priority!

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