Question: Cash Bonuses for Teachers

I'm wondering if it's ok (and legal) for our PTA to use extra funds for a cash bonus for teachers...Does anyone know?

Asked by fjrogers1



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The way you would have to do it is donate the money to the school and let the school use it for bonuses. It creates a lot of issues, though, and chances are good your district/school wouldn't allow it. A more direct way to help the teachers would be to give them "grants" to be used for classroom needs. The average teacher spends hundreds of dollars a year of his own money on items to be used in the classroom. Helping out with that will in a sense be a bonus for teachers, and if you let them spend the money however they see fit -- as long as it's on classroom/professional needs -- I guarantee they'll appreciate it.

Community Advice

jsbofaz writes:
We "credit" each teacher a $100.00 and then they have to produce receipts in order to get reimbursed. That way, PTO is buying their goods, but they know what they can spend.

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