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I would like to know if a PTO Board decide to type up minutes for a meeting that did not happen which give details on voting with regards to budgets and spending that were never made, what inmplication does it have for those listed as attening this meeting who are shown as voting for motions that were never presented. This is very important to me as I am named in these minutes and i am very worried about the situation. Thank you

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firefighter464 writes:
There is no entity that polices PTOs. No school-related admin group recognizes any authority over PTOs. Pretty much your only 'implication' is to your membership. And unless they are actively involved (and probably likewise named as having attended?) they don't know anything. Who the heck started all this? You could communicate directly with that person to express your opinions, but it sounds like s/he is abusing power and your opinion won't count much. Fact is those who worry about breaking the law don't realize it's possible to break rules/law anytime you want to. Rules only give honest people guidance. Rulebreakers do so rule freely. It only matters if you get caught. And even then, it only matters if thpse who catch you do anything about it. That is pretty rare in today's society. And usually after one try unless it is a big deal, those reporting the rule breaking give up.

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