Question: With disband of PTA, can the PTA donate to the already established PTO?

With disband of PTA, can the PTA donate to an already established PTO within the same school? We are going to hold a vote this November to transition to a PTO. But, our vote will state that the transition will not occur until 7/1/17. However, our PTO will become active 3/1/17 to start transition and allow for the transition to run smoothly along with having another 501 (C) (3) to donation funds from the PTA to the PTO. Does this sound appropriate and legal?

Asked by emilygrunewaldmk



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi emilygrunewaldmk!
So, one 501(c)(3) organization can donate money to another as long as it supports its mission. But, chances are, you situation may not be that straightforward. Check your bylaws to see if there's any language in your bylaws regarding PTA funds. There are specific procedures you need to follow when disbanding a PTA. This article on switching from a PTA to PTO will help:


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