Question: How can I reach other concerned parents about PTO?

Some time ago, our PTO voted to amend bylaws to stop posting the PTO minutes--this after years of posting just fine on school bulletin board and then even added social media on which to post. Mins are available only by request. But, in fact, parents probably don’t know the mins aren’t posted anymore because they’d have had to read the mins to see the bylaw changed. That was posted only once and then taken down. If you missed it, too bad, I guess. Not surprisingly, I don't think many parents know what's going on and I feel they should. There are some things going on with no objections raised I think only because few know what’s going on to be prompted to attend to raise an objection. Officer elections are coming up. No one is allowed to post at the social media site except friends of the admins. Anyone with an objection is censored off/blocked. How can a lowly member (who is not in the very apparent clique) who wants to raise awareness and get voices to join hers reach out to large population of parents?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You could try a few different approaches. You can try reaching out to the board and offer to help them with communications. Does the group have a newsletter? Would it consider setting up an email distribution list? We have a free email system, Parent Express Email, that your group could use here: Do you think the board would be interested in this kind of help? Another option is to go to a meeting or seek out the board members and ask them to do more on the communications front. Oh, and we don't consider you a "lowly member.'' You are obviously someone who cares and good luck! You can make a difference.

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