Question: voting on money spent

our pto president recently told the vice president to spend no more money due to them writing several big checks. the vp nor anyone else have been made aware of any money to be spent out. our president never shows up nor the treasurer. isn't there supposed to be a vote on how money is spent?

Asked by waller00



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Well, a couple things here. There should be a budget for starters that provides your group with the financial guidelines for the year. This would cover the planned expenses like field trips, Teacher Appreciation celebrations, yearbook, etc. Then there is the general fund, which is money in the bank but not tied to a particular expense. At times, when something comes up unexpectedly, or when costs for a planned event end up being more than planned, a group will take money from the general fund to cover those expenses. Lots of groups have some kind of guidelines in their bylaws on how this will work, say, the board can spend up to $200 at its own discretion and then anything above that amount requires a vote from the group. So, your first step would be to request a copy of the budget and request that the treasurer attend the next meeting to review recent incoming and outgoing funds.

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