Question: If I resigned as officer 3 years ago can I still write PTO checks?

3 years ago all officer resigned due to apathy at school. WE did not dissolve the organization. Had $ in our checking account leftover. Over past few years our school kids have needed things that PTO used to fund. So I wrote the checks like I used to. Is this ok? If not, why isn't it?

Asked by firefighter464



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
From your other posts it sounds like your PTO is still functioning at a low level but without any officers. You are essentially filling the role of acting treasurer. It's great that you are willing to help out. On an ethical level, I think what you're doing is OK, although you are opening yourself up to trouble if any questions arise over how the money is used. On a legal level, I'm a little unsure. You should check with the state corporations office to make sure what you're doing is OK. It might be, based on your status as the last treasurer when the group became inactive, but I'm not sure.

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