Question: Bylaws and the budget

I've read our bylaws and it states that the PTO's mission/purpose is to support Enrichment and Recognition programs. Would a teachers salary or district program be considered enrichment? Do we need to amend the bylaws? Here's what it reads: The mission of this organization is to create an active, cohesive community of families, faculty and staff . This community will work to achieve the visions and goals developed with the support of the enrichment and recognition programs.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
The thing with the word "enrichment'' is it really can be interpreted in many different ways. So, some may say enrichment would include salaries. But should it? The issue here is you'd be setting up the PTO for some big potential problems. How can a school pay for salaries from PTO funds which fluctuate year to year and depend on the success, primarily, of fundraising? Sounds risky at best.

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