Question: Replacing a VP

Our PTO holds a large fundraising event each year following our town’s Christmas parade. Most of the offerings - food, games, bounce houses, pictures with Santa, etc. are not a big money maker. It is mainly a great community event. The money maker is out raffle leading up to the event. The same person has been the lead of the raffle for the past three years. She has done a great job and brought in many different donations to create packages that we give away in the raffle. This year I (president) asked for someone to be her co-chair so she could have help. A few of the items were given to me so PTO could purchase them and the board voted on it. I was never made aware of the fact that the other items in each of the four raffle packages were not securely donated. The event concluded and the winners were announced. The following school day the board met and I asked where the remaining donated items were. She informed me that those items were never securely donated and so the PTO must buy them now. This not only looks poorly on the PTO but also on the school itself. Administration is NOT happy. Many of the businesses that were listed on the raffle ticket, that did not donate, are very upset and asked to be removed from our donation list. My question is, I would like her to be removed from the board and replaced. I’m not sure how to go about that? Thank you for your help and feedback!

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