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Hi, As an entirely new board, we have discovered that our bylaws are completely out of date. We are looking at revising them/creating new bylaws. Is this advisable? Anyone know what the cost/process is? We are a 501c3. Not really sure what other questions we should have if any?

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mum24kids writes:
It's not really that unusual for people to need to change bylaws periodically, and how to do that is usually set forth in the bylaws themselves. Like it might say that you need 2/3 of the members present at a meeting (with a quorum present) to change the bylaws, for example. But the bylaws shouldn't be so specific that you have to change them every year or something like that. It sounds like maybe you have an unnecessary level of detail in your bylaws? There are a lot of good articles and some sample bylaws here on this PTOToday page for you to look at:

You're supposed to report "significant" changes to your bylaws to the IRS. They give some examples of what significant changes are on page 21 of the 2012 instructions to complete the Form 990. So, depending on what it is you are trying to change, you may have a reporting requirement to meet.

There's probably not any cost associated with changing the bylaws unless, of course, you decide you want to hire an attorney to do it.

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melissasuez writes:
Thank you mum24kids, I really appreciate your reply. These would be significant as I believe we will probably revise the entire doucment/write new bylaws. Thank you again!

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