Question: How does someone go about a Comlaint of someone on the PTA

I'm a Proctor at a School,. We have a PTA mom that feels she runs the School and Does not comply with any rules. She's very rude and obnoxiousness to employees at the school. when given the complaint to the Principle , all answers I receive is " it's Politics " I'm Tired of the lady Pushing her weight around saying to me she does what she wants to do "in front of children" disrespecting me and others, What Do I Do????

Asked by Sylvia1st



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Sylvia1st, It is very frustrating when you have to interact with a difficult person. You can take a few different approaches. You can try to have a conversation with this person in an effort to reach out to her and figure out how to work together. Or, you can work around her. Does she impact your job directly? If not, and she's not causing harm to the school (other than being unkind), then go about your business as if she's not a factor. Either way, you can get some good tips from our article about difficult people. Good luck -- it is very hard to deal with someone who is rude and disrespectful. Hang in there!

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