Question: Carry over funds

Can a PTO carry funds over from year to year. Shouldn't fund raising monies and dues be spent on those students that year?

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SailAwayAK writes:
I think that there are reasons for the PTO to carry over funds into the next year. Our school was in desperate need of a new playground. We didn't feel we could raise the $100,000 price tag in one year. Instead we carried over funds in a section of our budget until we could. Once the amount was achieved we then made plans to have the playground installed over the summer.

Likewise, we have done the same thing to support curriculum renewals and changes, building renewal projects, technology improvements, new lunch tables, new copiers, and other high price point projects.

Because we are an independent PTO organization our own Bylaws and parents determine how we want the funds allocated and by when they will need to be spent.

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