Question: Condolences - set up?

Would like information about condolence "budget"? How do others do this?

Asked by jaimelkc



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Condolences can be a tricky issue because while it is natural to want to express sympathy, the potential issue for a parent group is where do you draw the line? Do you only express condolences for families who have had a loss or do you include faculty, administration, support staff, etc.? The list can get very big. In reading some of our posts about condolences, it looks like groups take different approaches. One group sets up a sunshine fund to use for occasions such as these. Another group reports it avoids sending gifts/money altogether because the list could get unwieldy. Yet another group appears to have a policy of sending cards only to express condolences. So, talking to your group may help you determine what would be most comfortable approach. Then you can set up a policy to address it.

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