Question: Is there anything specifically in Roberts Rules about posting minutes?

Hello! Can anyone guide me to where or if Roberts Rules states anything about posting of the minutes of a meeting? Is posting the minutes (and in what form) in any way required or made necessary by Roberts' Rules or is it not covered by RR or is it entirely optional? Thanks!!!

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firefighter464 writes:
See section #60.

There doesn't seem to be a requirement that minutes BE posted/published, just gives specifics as to IF they are published how that ought to be dutifully recorded with extra information. I face a situation here where our minutes are not posted and thus no one knows what the heck PTO is doing...or, frankly, the existence of PTO at all for newly incoming kindergarten parents, as we have no signs, notices, flyers advertising it or how to contact anyone involved in it, which, to me, seems a weird way to gain support/membership/goodwill. I do see occasional "we need people to show up and do 'X' " pleas and wonder how anyone except those asking even know what they're asking for or had any heads-up notice about it all...Same goes for meetings times. No one knows when a meeting is until a day before. And they wonder why no one gets involved...

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Rose H writes:
Hi. There is nothing "official'' in Robert's Rules about posting minutes, but it is required by the IRS that nonprofits make their meeting minutes available. So, you should make them available to your parents. Posting them (as in posting online) isn't mandatory, but it usually a good way to get the minutes out to parents.

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