Question: Treasurer with a record

we have a exec board over 2 building boards. last year the secretly had the treasurer resign. latter that year she is now the exec. treasurer the exec pres and treas are tight , I recently found out she served time for fraud and bad cks about 7 yr ago. what to do?

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gjcoram writes:
Make sure you have good audit procedures in place. PTO Today's insurance requires a monthly review of the bank account by someone who cannot sign checks as well as an annual audit.

BTW: I had some difficulties understanding your question, because you didn't punctuate properly, and I'm not sure if "the secretly" was supposed to be "the secretary" or "she secretly."

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buell1x1 writes:
ironically our PTO. had a similar situation and my advise to you would be to make sure you have all of the facts straight and in our case the officer was open and honest as well as setting up a meeting with her lawyer to really get the true facts because we all know how the google thing can misrepresent. In addition, she was able to get her clearance's and we have an audit in place along with monthly monitoring by the accountant. All is good and people deserve second chances.

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kidstogo writes:
ironically, that is almost same as our story, however the clearances were only good for our state and did not include the FBI background check that covers others states, the accountant was called, No audit was being done and there was no monthly monitoring. She lied and persecuted and had another board member removed when he started demanding to see the financials. Her second chance resulted in a conspiracy with the Executive president. When we finally got a hold of the bank statements they turned it over to the authorities. Long story short her and the president had signed more than 80 checks to themselves between last June and April 2013 They were charged with stealing more than $35,000 from the organization. So as far as second chances Great! But there are certainly a lot of things you can help out with a group besides handling the money.. You don’t put a recovering alcoholic behind the bar, your just asking for trouble. It’s very sad to say I told you so after your PTO reputation’s is ruined and the children of those who stole are scared forever. Don’t take a board position a be a passive participant, you are responsible for all of the actions of your board and if you disagree with something you make sure you are on record with your objections.

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