Question: Committee Chair/executive board member

I have someone on that is a committee chair person, she verbally quit to myself and to the VP. I know for executive board members they have to put it in writing. I took her word for when she quit. Since that happened in December she has created strife and drama within the board and school. She has decided that she’s going to communicate with two board members to still be involved. But when I ask she says she needs to think about if she wants to still be involved. I need the drama gone I need her gone. How do I do this? Since she was a chair person can I take her at her word and dismiss her without a board vote? I also have an executive member who has created a hostile environment. Aggressive tone, consistent criticism. Refusing to work through issues when given the opportunity to. Just presents more obstacles and complications. She was voted on does sit on the executive board. What’s my quickest way to get rid of her? She verbally threatened me today and I can no longer handle the amount of stress she brings. She has hurt this board more than helped it.

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