Question: How do your teachers return PTO forms?

I am wondering how other PTO's out there handle the process of forms going from the classroom to the PTO. Our school uses a parent communication envelope that goes from school to home one day a week. Our flyers are put in those envelopes and then parents return any forms/money the teacher. Even though we have a box in the staff lounge for all returned forms to be placed forms are still lost or not turned in at all. I would love to know of a system out there that works! Thanks!

Asked by mrs.president



Community Advice

badpants writes:
We had much more success when we made things available to download fromt the website. Parents who look for that info are more likely to print it out and return it by the deadline than to search for things in the backpack black hole

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Mrs. Prez -- The less teachers have to do themselves, the better. For example, try putting a box marked PTO in each classroom. Have someone from your group collect the contents of the box each day. If the teacher needs to distribute forms, have the forms counted, sorted, and clipped together in the box before the end of the day. Teachers are busy; the easier you make it for them, the more likely your forms will get distributed, collected, and make it back to you.

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