Question: committiee chair is withholding money/donations

we are currently in a tight spot, our winterfest committiee chair resigned, she *thought* she could just have free reign, even though in every email and phone call i told her we needed to see forms, and what not. now we have the problem that she put down her personal address and only her contact info on the letters she delivered to businesses. we know she has already collected a few donations and checks for booth rental, but also whatever else will be sent in will now go to her house. she will not answer anyones phone calls/emails nothing. what is the best action to take?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'd start out by contacting the same businesses, if possible, that she contacted. Write a letter thanking them for their support and letting them know that there's been a change of address for the PTO. Use the school address, but also include a phone number and email address. If possible, deliver these letters in person. That way you'll find out whether the businesses might have sent a check to the wrong place, and making a personal contact improves the chances of getting a donation in the long run.

Next, I would go to her house, apologize to her for the situation/miscommunication, and ask her for whatever records and checks she has. It's important to do this in a nonconfrontational way. Accept the blame, listen to her rant, but make your goal to get the information you need and be done with her.

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