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Why does the software not have a "hours pending approval" Que so that once you have entered data into the fields you can see that it is in the system waiting approval. The way it is now you cant tell if it has been entered until it gets approved and shows up in "My Hours" tab. Even a red flag next to the entry showing that it has been entered but is awaiting approval would be helpful.

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Rose H writes:
Hi writechris!

I checked with the folks in customer support and here's what I found out: PTO Manager was set up so that the executive board, or person responsible for approving volunteer hours, has access to the pending list of hours (submitted by volunteers) and they work from that list to approve the hours. Once they approve the hours, it is reflected in the My Hours tab for individual volunteers to see. It's a matter of how the system was originally designed to ensure that designated folks approve volunteer hours.

Hope that helps explain why it was set up that way,
Rose C.

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