Question: Candy Gram Alternative

We used to do Candy Grams (student to student) for the holiday season but now we cannot have candy. Last year we did jingle bell grams but I'm looking for a fun alternative that is not pricey and would be fun to 'collect' several grams...any ideas?

Asked by mmbuckler



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My school sold friendship flowers instead of grams. Different colors for different types of friendships. We used carnations as they were the cheapest flower you could get. I believe we sold them for $1 ea. It was a nice way to boost confidence & you would have secret admirer flowers too. It always left you wondering who your secret admirer was. I can personally remember sending a few to fellow students who were shy or if my friends thought," so & so won't get any flowers because they don't have any friends"...We also had a color for teachers & staff if a student wanted to say thanks for being a great teacher! We always sold a ton of flowers!

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