Question: Amazon Affiliate Program

I would like to know if you are a member of this program and has it generated funds for your PTO? I know they no longer have the School Reward Program

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mum24kids writes:
Yes, the high school one of my kids was at makes $1,000-$2,000/month, but they promote it very aggressively and have a very tech savvy group of parents who don't have an issue with buying things online. Another high school that one of my kids is at now only makes $100-$200/month. They seem to promote it just as much, but it's not as involved a group of parents at that school. The $100-$200 is really generated just by a handful of parents, even though the school has thousands of kids in it. It's "free money," and unless you think that doing it will detract from other fundraisers, I don't see a downside to promoting it.

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sandyrmac writes:
Thanks so much!

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rachelwilifer writes:
We use PopNod to help with fundraising. It's similar to Amazon affiliate program but easier since it allows families to shop online and automatically give a portion to our org. Unfortunately Amazon isn't on the list, but there are over 250 stores.

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