Question: Looking for videographer

Hello, we are having a school play this spring & I would like to see if we can manage to hire someone to video the play & then have DVD's available for sale to parents. We are in teh Park Ridge, IL area.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If the high school in your district has a video department, you might ask for recommendations there. Another good resource is your community's cable access channel. You might be able to find a videographer there, or at least get someone to make a recommendation or two.

Community Advice

daddario writes:
Hello! Hiring someone to video record your school play and making DVDs available for sale to parents is a fantastic idea. In the Park Ridge, IL area, you might want to consider reaching out to local videography companies or freelance videographers who specialize in event coverage. They can capture the play professionally and ensure high-quality footage for the DVDs. Once you have the recorded footage, you can utilize a video sharing platform like Owner to host the videos online. These platforms offer features for privacy settings, allowing you to control who can access the videos. You can share the video link with parents and other interested individuals, or even sell digital copies of the play directly through the platform.

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