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So every year here we have a Missoula Childern's Theatre come to our school and we have a great production, We are seeking different opportunites out there that are available to our school. It is quite literally $3000 every year for our rural school to have MCT come to our school. We are trying to find something different because we are in the midst of raising funds for new bleachers and a new updated playground. Thanks

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Rose H writes:
Hi there!
Are you looking for different entertainment options are looking for different fundraising opportunities in general? For entertainment, we recommend you reach out to other parent groups in your general area -- getting word of mouth recommendations for these productions is really important.

If you are looking for other ways to raise funds for the bleachers and unpadded playground equipment, you could try a jog-a-thon or fun run type of program. Groups can raise lots of funds with these programs. Here's an article on organizing a fun run: The schedule would be tight for you to put one together this year. If you do find time is too tight, you can look at a product fundraiser or a community yard sale this spring. Also, we have a good resource for you if you are working on a playground project:

Good luck!

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
How about putting on your own show? School talent shows take a fair amount of work, but they can be great fun. If you have a small school, get the teachers and staff involved, too -- some of them undoubtedly have talents they'd be willing to share.

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