Question: Is it racisit?????

Hi, ok so I have been volunteering at my daughters' school with our PTO. Our pto president has on more than one occasion to not only me but also other moms asked me what part of Mexico im from and that my english is good considering im mexican(im hispanic by the way). When it comes to coming up with ideas for our school carnival she has said that ours ideas are to mexican for the school. That we have to understand that the people who come to the carnivals are the white people. That no mexicans come only the whites and so on. Also when I've asked her what rules we have to follow im told that it is a really big book in english and thay I wouldnt understand it. I have a meeting with our principal tomorrow but before I make a big deal I was wondering is it racisit or am I being to sensitive???

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Parttimeparli writes:
She appears to be an ignorant racist. She is also a b!+€#.

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Russia48 writes:
Are you kidding me!! Of course she is racist....You and the others she has offended need to let her know that PTO/PTA is for EVERYONE..your dollar is just as good as someone else's..maybe if she had more carnival activities that represent the culture at your school, others would actually come. It is unacceptable!

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cjpupo writes:
I agree with the two previous posts that she does appear to have some racist attitudes. Perhaps you have already met with the principal, but I have found that the best way to handle things like this is to first speak directly to the person with whom you have a problem. Express your concerns using "I" statements and listen to their response. Maybe she does not recognize that she is being racist and would welcome your feedback. Maybe not, but either way, you will have done the right thing and then when you go to the principal you will be able to share the steps you have taken to try to resolve the situation. If you already went to the principal, Id be interested to hear his/her response and how it will be handled. Thanks for sharing your issue with us.

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moma03 writes:
This woman seems to be quite insensitive. I certainly believe a meeting with the principal is warranted. I can tell you from experience, that many people in tight knot communities are not open to outsiders and this could be where some of her "attitude" is coming from. It is unfair and certainly not really the way things should be but there are still areas that seem to not be willing to work through cultural differences. I would write out my list of concerns so that they can all be addressed with the prinicpal. I would also ask that after you and the principal clear the air, that a meeting with the PTO president, and yourself be held to address these issues. I am hopeful this is not personal to you and only the woman's inexperience in dealing with others from another country.I have had to endure more than my share due to my heritage and my husbands. Stereotypes can be extremely hard to overcome and peoples habits die hard. :( DO not take this personally to you and let it cloud your judgement. Good Luck

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