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I'm brand new here, so please be gentle with me. :) We are a young charter school having our first concession stand. Would anyone be willing to share the prices you've charged for various concession stand items including hot dogs, popcorn, large pickles, chips, etc? Thank you in advance. I'm so happy to have found you all!

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Rose H writes:
Hi there CrosslakeMom, 

One suggestion is to check with some of your local schools or organizations. Prices can vary in different parts of the country, so a local group might give you great insights. 

Here's some info from our site that you might find useful:

A thread on our Message Boards discussing concession stand pricing (the info. will be helpful, but you can also ask these folks some questions about specific pricing). 

A dicussion about good food items to sell with some pricing info

Good luck! 
Rose C.
Community Manager 

(p.s. You mentioned that you are brand new here, so a big welcome! Please let us know if you need help with other issues or events. I'd recommend the Message Boards to you as a good general resource and place where you can swap ideas with your peers. Also, our Facebook page, is very active and has lots of PTO leaders participating.)

Community Advice

VickiK writes:
My husband & I run a concession stand for our high school football & basketball games. Here's a copy of our items w/prices:
Hamburger $3 - add cheese $3.50
Hot Dogs $2 - add chili or cheese $2.50 add chili & cheese $3.00
Chicken sandwiches $4 - add cheese $4.50
Nachos w/jalapenos or w/o - $2 add chili or extra cheese $2.50 add chili & cheese $3
Fries - $3 add chili or cheese $3.50 add chili & cheese $4
pickles or pickled sausage - $1
popcorn $1
Candy (snickers, m&m's, skittles) $1
drinks - bottles $2 cans $1
frozen pickle juice (yes it sells!) $.25
boiled peanuts - regular & cajun $4

Community Advice

VPHPABC writes:
Nachos $3
Hot Dog $4
Pizza $4
Cup O Noodles $3
Hamburger/Cheeseburger $5
Nachos w/Cheese $4
Tri-Tip Sandwich $7
Tri-Tip Combo (chips & soda)..……$8

Candy $1
All Chocolate Candy ……………….$2

Water $1
Soda $2
Gatorade (20oz) $3

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