Question: Which companies can help with sponsoring?

We were able to have Radio Disney send us a proposal to come emcee our Carnival, but they want us to find a sponsor because it gets pricey, does anyone know of companies that have sponsored school events?

Asked by nmoran24



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Typically it's local businesses -- the local dentist, appliance shop, bank, etc.; companies that want to do business with the people who come to your event. You would offer them a sign at the event, maybe make an announcement thanking them for their sponsorship, or even let them hand out brochures in return for their contribution.

Community Advice

Newidea1 writes:
Local radio stations will come out at lower costs because they can promote their station doing a good deed for a good cause. Especially if the event is for a really worthy cause. Like field trips for the underprivileged. Or books at a title one school

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