Question: Who do I contact about a Workshop for Parents on Teenage Dating Advice?

I would like to present an event idea and don't know who to contact. I am an Public Speaker, Certified Life Coach, CTACC, and Author of a book titled "Dater's Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents" modeled after the Driver's Ed manual to help parents teach their teens how to "date defensively, navigate safely and steer clear of unhealthy relationships." Can I obtain a list of PTO Presidents for each school? I would like to be considered for the event calendar. Thanks!

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badpants writes:
I would suggest a couple of things, beginning with contacting school districts directly to find out their policy about speakers. If you are in an area with multiple districts, maybe a form letter introducing yourself, your qualifications and a description of the type of program you would be offering. I would also check into your local community college. Many of them have a Speakers Bureau that you may be able to join. I know the social worker at the public school I work in uses the S.B. for many events/assemblies. For parochail schools, contact the diocesan office for their policy. I would probably refrain from contacting PTO's directly, but would instead contact principals and/or the school's social worker. Perhaps offer to speak at your own child's school and invite area principal's, social workers and PTO's to attend.

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