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We've been approached by a parent, who is also a board member, to help sponsor 8 boys that are going to participate in a wrestling meet in NC in Oct. Only 1 of the 8 is a student in our building. The rest are from other schools in the immediate school district. This event is NOT sponsored by the school or the district. The boys are doing this on their own, but are registered under the school districts sports name. I proposed a $25 donation. I do NOT want to set precedent by giving a larger donation. I have been told that the donation is "a slap in the face." Am I wrong for not proposing a larger donation? I have conferred with 2 other local PTO/PTA's and they have both told me I am doing the right thing.

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Rose H writes:
The best way to look at this is, what is the mission of your PTO? Chances are, your mission statement includes language like "supporting the school community" This sports team doesn't really fall into that category. Sorry someone said you've essentially slapped them in the face. You certainly haven't. Sounds like you've gone out of your way to be fair to these folks. If anyone else gives you a hard time, go back to the mission statement and just say you are doing your job. Good luck!

Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Anon - I concur with Rose and would add that I probably would recommend against even the $25. It's just not what your group is all about. It's not at all that you don't wish the best for those kids (you might even donate with your own funds), but it's not what your group is all about, not what you've been raising funds for, and it likely will create a scenario where you feel like you have to give $25 to everyone who asks. I think giving zero (it's not what we do) may be even easier to explain than giving $25. And it certainly keeps you away from future asks/questions. Good luck!

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